Wetaskiwin Arts & Music Festival

About Us

The Wetaskiwin Arts and Music Festival group is fervently committed to advancing the realms of arts and music, championing the endeavours of talented artists and musicians situated in Wetaskiwin and Central Alberta. Embracing a broad interpretation of the arts, our scope encompasses visual arts such as painting, photography, graphics, sculpture, carving, potting, fibre arts, quilting, and more. Additionally, we celebrate performance arts, spanning music, dance, theatre, stand-up comedy, martial arts, and the written word.

We believe that both art and music should be shared with a wider audience, and our festival provides the perfect platform for such dissemination. As a valued member of our society, you have the opportunity to participate in something truly extraordinary. This unites our local community and extends our reach provincially, fostering a collective of kindred spirits who relish the chance to momentarily escape the challenges of contemporary life.

In our community, we harbour a deep affection for music, a profound appreciation for art, and a genuine admiration for those who bring these expressions to life. Will you join us in this vibrant celebration?


2023-2024 WAMF Board of Directors

President: Dale Aitchison
Vice-President: Amilia Brens
Secretary-Treasurer: Caroline Dillabough




Donovan Alimchandani
Bonnie Brown

Dorothy Montieth

Dr. Karen Aberle

Madisin Bennett
Erin Pikard