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What do I need to bring with me for WAMF 2019


You will need to bring the items you wish to sell or show. A table of your own. Also suggested are a tent or some type of overhead cover in case of bad weather or to keep direct sunlight off your products. A chair to sit on. If you are planning on doing any live art, bring your art supplies, easels, etc. These are just suggestions however, and tables will not be supplied by us this year; you will need to bring your own.
**Parking of your vehicles must be in the designated parking area after you have unloaded your display. Vehicles will NOT be allowed at your display area unless it is actually part of your display. No exceptions.**


There will be a main stage set up with drums permanently in place, as well as amplifiers. If you want to bring your own amp, keyboards, etc, you will need to be there in time to set it up as we need the acts to move quickly on and off the stage to ensure everyone gets to play in their designated time slots. You will be expected to bring your own instruments and effects pedals etc. We need to move fast between acts and you are responsible for your own gear and equipment. There will be a 15 minute window between acts for BANDS and if you aren't ready to go, you will be cutting into your own time to play. Solo, duo, trios will be allotted 45 minute sets and bands get one hour. No exceptions.
A second stage may or may not be available. Either way it will be announced here.
Musician postings will be announced 2 weeks prior to the festival. Please check back here for the details on times that you will be playing. If you are unable to make the allocated time, you must let us know by no later than this noted date. IF we can reschedule your act, you will be notified right away. If not, then we apologize in advance and the other acts will be given more time for their shows to use up the missing time slot.

Food Vendors

You know what you need as a vendor. If you are a food vendor, then all applicable AHS regulations must be followed. We will be contacting you with the appropriate documentation prior to the festival, but we do require you to have your paperwork returned ASAP to ensure your spot is saved at the festival. Loud generators will not be allowed, you must ensure it is the quiet type. We reserve the right to ask you to shut off your generator if we feel it is too loud, no exceptions. **Please be advised that due to a Wetaskiwin bylaw change one month prior to the 2019 festival (in which we weren't made aware of), you are now required to have a permit to sell your food as a vendor, regardless if you have a business license within the city of Wetaskiwin.
However it is up to you to ensure that you are following all local/city rules and regulations. We suggest that if your food vehicle is equipped with a fire suppression system, that you have it inspected annually as required by provincial regulations. This is YOUR responsibility. If and when the fire department makes an on site inspection and you are not up to date, you will probably get a fine and will be asked to leave. This is out of our control.
If you have any questions in regards to Wetaskiwin rules, regulations and bylaws, we suggest that you call the necessary departments in advance to ensure you are abiding by these rules, regulations and bylaws.

The Public

All we need is you, but keep in mind there are a few things you might want to consider bringing with you. Lawn chair, sun screen, umbrella. Just a handful of suggestions, but you probably already know what you will need.

So far there are no plans for a shuttle bus this year because of the availability of parking. Please schedule any rides you may need to and from the location in advance.


Annual AGM - At the next AGM in the fall, (date to be announced) , we will be looking at a bit of a restructure as a society and as such, revisions have to be made to our rules. We have adopting "Roberts Rules", and are governed by these rules. If you want to be part of this society and make it stronger, we encourage you to attend the AGM. This is the only time you will have that opportunity until possibly, the next AGM which is a year later. Please feel free to attend, become a part of it all  and have your voice heard.